As your contractor there are three major functions Crestone Construction will perform for you: cost, schedule and quality control.
  • Cost Control: We realize that cost is important to all parties of a construction project. When the project is awarded we prepare a detailed budget for the total cost of the job. This budget is broken down into specific work items. This becomes a valuable tool as the customer is presented with multiple decisions affecting the actual cost of the project.
  • Schedule Control: Before construction of the project begins we generate a schedule, again broken down into work items. This will be given to all subcontractors and major suppliers to assure there are no timing constraints. We then use this tool to ensure that the project flows smoothly and the customer receives the project on time.
  • Quality Control: We realize that cost and schedule are not the only measure of success. The customer's ultimate satisfaction will be based on the quality of the finished product. Throughout the construction phase we focus on and identify possible quality issues. If an item is found not to meet our standards, we correct the problem immediately. We also invite the customer to ask questions and bring to our attention any concerns they might have. We guarantee a satisfied customer.
Contract Options
We understand that people have different needs when it comes to structuring their contract for work. We at Crestone are flexible in the type of contract used, depending upon what the customer is comfortable with. Some contract options include lump sum, fixed fee, cost plus or guaranteed maximum price. Please contact us for further explanation and benefits of these various options.